Hougen Group


Rawleighs in 1945.

Rawleighs in 1945

The little store gets a facelift in 1945. Children's clothing and toys are added to the inventory. Rolf Hougen works in the store before and after high school and on weekends. Rolf starts a photography and photo finishing business with his partner Sgt. Bruce Cameron who is with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals.

U.S. Army Military Police in Hougens Store, 1945.

U.S. Army Military Police

This photo shows two U.S. Army Military Police posing with Rawleigh products in Hougen's store. The U.S. Army, U.S. Airforce, and American construction companies moved to Whitehorse in early 1942 as part of the war effort. The population ballooned to 30,000 people. The Americans departed in 1946, turning over responsibility of the Alaska Highway, the airports and the telephone system to the Canadian military.

High School, 1945.

Highschool Photo 1945

Left to Right- Top to Bottom + April 1945 + Grades 9 to 12 + Dowell Construction Bldg.

Pierce Williams - Henry Nielson - Frank Hoggan - Howard ? - Rolf Hougen - Sonny Williams - Tom McLaughlin - Bucky Keobke - Jack McIntosh - George Krautsneider

Bill Huskins - Vern Mushett - Pat Keith - Peggy Gowan - Bunny Russel - Pat Mallory - Lynn Gowan - Betty McBride - Teresa Porter - Missing - Larry Chalmers - Jim McCann

Teacher - Mr. M. Warwick