Hougen Group


White Pass Hotel in 1946.

White Pass Hotel

In August, 1946, Hougen's moved from 2nd and Wood to the White Pass Hotel building at Main and Front Street where the Edgewater is today. The Rawleigh and Fuller names were dropped and "Hougen's Variety" name is adopted. Children's wear is expanded and photo equipment sales and sporting goods are added to the inventory.

The Summit, 1946.

The Summit

This is a scene at the Summit of the White Pass. The high school basketball team regularly traveled to Skagway for games. The trip took 8 hours. Before Caterpillers were used to push back the snow, rotary ploughs on the front engine of the train cut a narrow trail. Each side of the snow bank is 12 to 15 feet high. Missing from the photo is Rolf Hougen -- who took the picture.