Hougen Group


Hougen's Variety in 1946.

Hougen’s Variety Store

Hougen's Variety Store is located in the White Pass Hotel building Main and Front Street until 1949. In 1946, the sales of Hougen's Variety were $14,353.00.
The photo to the right shows Blondie Hougen, brother to Rolf Hougen, in the doorway of Hougen's. He operated trucks on construction projects.


The Wolf, 1947.

The Wolf Statue

The wolf statue at right was located at the Indian grave site on the hill across the Yukon River in Whitehorse. It was vandalized. Rolf Hougen worked with Jim Boss and George Dawson to have another one sculpted but it proved too costly.


High School, 1947.

High School Photo

The High School class of 1946-47
Teacher - Laurie Todd
Back Row - Jim Mutch, -, -, John Ericson, -, Ken Kolkind, Rolf Hougen

Second Row - Betty Porsild, -, Phylis LePage, -, Joanne Keobke, Pat Armstrong, -, Doreen Lee, Jeffries, -, Laurie Todd

Front - Mel Constable, Bill Jeffries, Howard Ryder, -, Tom McLaughlin, George Krautch Neider