Hougen Group


Marg and Rolf's Wedding, 1955.


The Honeymoon Route, 1955.

Marriage of Margaret Van Dyke and Rolf Hougen

On May 3, 1955, Margaret Van Dyke and Rolf Hougen are married. After a week in New York, they sailed on the Queen Mary to Europe. A week in London was followed by a 3-month drive throughout Europe. After a visit with Margaret's relatives in Holland, a train and ferry took them to Kristiansand, Norway, where Rolf's father Berent greeted and introduced them to relatives.

The May to September honeymoon in Europe included London, Amsterdam, Munich, Saltzberg, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Riviera, Barcelona, Les Palma Island, Madrid, Biarritz, Paris, Brussels, Kristiansand and Oslo and points in between.


Hougen's Photo Centre, 1955.

“Blondie” Hougen

"Blondie" Hougen in Hougen's Photo Centre that he managed, talking to Harry Gordon-Cooper.


Black Tie Formal, 1955.

Air Force and the Army Black Tie Formal

Both the Air Force and the Army had messes. If you were invited to become an associate member, the Commander would accept your attendance in suit and tie, once. Then they required you to wear black tie formal wear but encouraged to wear white tie tails.

In this picture is Erik Nielsen, Harry Boyle, Dr. Doug Yates, Dr. Des Morrow, Dr. Gordon Harris and Rolf Hougen.

L to R - Ruth Morrow, Gwen Boyle, Doris Yates, P.J. Nielsen, Bibsy Yates and Margaret Hougen.


New Home, 1955.

New Home Built by Bob Campbell

While traveling in Europe, Bob Campbell, building contractor, built an 860 sq. ft home for Marg and Rolf. It was one of five "new" homes in Whitehorse built from the ground up. Central Mortgage and Housing had recently approved the Yukon for housing mortgages. The home cost $12,500 to build and CMHC offered a mortgage for $8,000.00. Prior to this, homes were built by 'adding to' as money became available, pay as you go.