Hougen Group


Prime Minister and Mrs. Diefenbaker, 1958.


Visit from the Prime Minister, 1958.

Prime Minister and Mrs. Diefenbaker Visit the Yukon

Prime Minister and Mrs. Diefenbaker visit Yukon and are hosted by the Whitehorse Board of Trade.

L. to R. : Bill Walker, President - to the left of Mrs. Diefenbaker, F.H. Collins, P.J. Nielsen, Rolf Hougen, Mrs. Gordon Cameron, Jim Smith, Betty Taylor, George Black & Elmer Diefenbaker (spouses at the other end of table)

Prime Minister Diefenbaker visited the Yukon. He took one day to go fishing at Kathleen Lakes. Rolf Hougen, who also went fishing, took this picture at Haines Junction.

L to R:
Brig. Jones, PM Diefenbaker, Erik Nielson


Helicopter ride, 1958.

The Hougen family and the Dr.

The Hougen family and the Dr. Tanner family went down river on a 6 day trip to Dawson City, arriving for Discovery Day, August 17. Pat Callison, who had just taken delivery of his helicopter took Marg and Rolf for a flight over Dawson, the gold fields and Moose Hide. He landed and took off frequently as he was on a "practice flight".


Rolf's Beard, 1958.

Yukon Gold Rush Jubilee

This story appeared "somewhere" following the summer success of the Yukon Gold Rush Jubilee (60Years)

"Rolf Hougen, one of the Yukon's liveliest boosters, Board of Trade spark and member of a family department store at Whitehorse, did his level best to produce a beard but this was all he could manage, despite his enthusiastic support of the Yukon Gold Rush Jubilee."