Hougen Group


Hougens's Limited in 1959.

Hougen’s Limited

By 1959, Hougen's was a full line department store with sporting goods, electrical items, music, hardware, men's clothing, ladies wear, children's wear, photo sales & photo finishing and drug sundries. The other department stores in Whitehorse were Taylor & Drury Limited & the Seattle based Northern Commercial Company.

The Queen visits the Yukon, 1959.

The Queen Visits the Yukon

Rolf and Marg Hougen meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their visit to the Yukon. FH Collins looks on. Prince Phillip went to Dawson City alone as the Queen was not well. A reporter wrote a story that said:

"The Queen was served some bad moose meat last night and became ill."

In fact she was pregnant... morning sickness.


Marg & Rolf in Montreal, 1959.

Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal

As part of the publicity to celebrate the opening of the new C.N. owned Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, they provided a suite, interview with the Montreal Star and Photos. Here is what, in part they printed:

"Mr. Rolf Hougen of Whitehorse, Yukon, Northern director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, looks on while his charming wife telephones friends from their ninth floor suite during their stay inThe Queen Elizabeth."


Hougens's Limited in 1959.

Yukon Lakes

Not Many Lakes in the Yukon were missed in the search for Lake Trout, Arctic Gryaling or Rainbow Trout, Marg and Rolf and children, as they were added, enjoyed boating and tenting.