Hougen Group


Hougen's at Haines Junction, 1969.

Mile 1019

This photo is at the experimental farm at Mile 1019 near Haines Junction. The Hougens Ski-doo'd with Rod and Enid Tate and Family.

From Left to Right:
Maureen, Greta, Erik, Karen, Kelly, Craig and Marg and Rolf Hougen

Signing Agreement for a Computer System, 1969.

N.C.R. Compuer System

In 1969, Hougen's purchased a N.C.R. computer system for both inventory control and accounting, the first installation at a great distance from Vancouver. It is housed in a 12x16 air conditioned room. Klaus Hoenisch, controller on the left, N.C.R. Rep.; Bert Norrie, Store Manager; Rolf Hougen signing

Rolf Hougen Presenting a Cheque to Northern Commercial, 1969.

Ford Dealership of Whitehorse

In April of 1969, Rolf Hougen and associates acquired the Ford Dealership for Whitehorse. A month later, Hougen's purchased Northern Commercial Company both transactions from owners in Seattle who continued large operations in Alaska. The purchase did not include the real estate.

Ford was first introduced in the Yukon by W.A. Puckett, a hardware dealer, in 1927. Volney Richmond of Northern Commercial acquired it in 1936 and continued to operate it until 1969.

1969, CKRW on the Air.

CKRW Radio

On Nov. 17, 1969, CKRW Radio went on the air. In 1968, Rolf Hougen and a group of Whitehorse residents applied to the CRTC for a commercial AM radio license. It was granted in December, 1968 but only after another group led by Vic Wylie applied as well. At one session of the hearing, Vic remarked "We don't think the license should be granted to Mr. Hougen as he already controls the media in Whitehorse, the cable company and the Whitehorse Star Newspaper."

After the hearing, over a glass of wine, Rolf said to Vic, "Why did you make that statement? I have no ownership in the Star." He said, "I always thought you did." Anyway, they lost and the Hougen group won.


Whitehorse Motors Showroom, 1969.


Hougen's in Faro, 1969.

Whitehorse Motors

The White Pass operated a large fleet of trucks. They built a service garage at 4th and Wheeler. This Property was acquired by Rolf Hougen and Associates now incorporated as Whitehorse Motors Ltd. Extensive remodelling was undertaken, a showroom added and a Chev'ron (White Pass operated) service station and car wash built - a recreation department selling snow machines, motorcycles, boats and motors was established.

November 1969 was a busy time. Having acquired the N.C. Co. Ford Dealership in April, by Nov. 21 a grand opening of the new dealership at 4th and Wheeler was held. On Nov. 19th, the new Hougen's store opened in Faro to serve the Cyprus Anvil Mine Employees. On Nov. 17, the new CKRW Radio station went 'On Air.' The First week in December, Marg and Rolf went to Hawaii for 10 days.

CKHS Volleyball Team, 1969.

Christ the King High School Volleyball Team

Christ the King High School Volleyball Team.

L to R:
Coach Merrick, Kelly Hougen, Rick Needham, Craig Hougen, Russel Blackjack, Rick Vienott, Bob Barclay, Frank Etzel and Dean.