Hougen Group


Irish Rovers, 1970.


Irish Rovers, 1970.

Irish Rovers Visit Whitehorse

Hougen’s regularly sponsored musical groups to perform in Whitehorse. Seen here, are the Irish Rovers: Will Millar, Jim Ferguson and George Millar following their performance. They came to the Hougen residence for a reception, on arriving they said, “Do you mind if we send for our instruments?” It was a grand party.

Rolf with Geisha, 1970.


The Whitehorse Copper Mine Pit.


Copper Mines, 1970.

Ford Canada

Ford of Canada invited Margaret and Rolf to accompany them to Japan where they spent a few days in Tokyo and then went by the high speed train to Osaka and attended Expo 70. Products shown at the expo were not available on the Canadian market for about 5 years.

Syd Skillman, Vice-President of Ford Canada and Mrs. Skillman visited Whitehorse in July. An underground tour at Whitehorse Copper Mine near McRae was interesting as the Mine was both an open pit and an underground operation.

Top Photo: The Whitehorse Copper Mine Pit
Bottom Photo: Rolf and Marg with Mr. & Mrs. Skillman, V.P. Ford Canada