Hougen Group


Marg with fish trap in the background.


Hougens in Bermuda, 1972.

Travels in Bermuda

In September of 1972, Marg and Rolf traveled to Bermuda for a few days and then flew to Martinique where they went fishing with a local fisherman in a “dugout” boat. Expecting to go out in the harbour, the trip was in rolling seas beyond the sight of land. The fisherman picked up traps, emptied them of colourful tropical fish and placed the traps back on the ocean floor. A visit to St. Lucia followed.

Top Photo: Marg with fish trap in the background
Bottom Photo: Rolf with Barracuda caught in Bermuda waters


A scene in Tokyo.


Japan and China, 1972.

While attending the Banff School of Advanced Management in Banff in 1965,      Rolf along with t

While attending the Banff School of Advanced Management in Banff in 1965, Rolf along with two colleagues developed the idea for overseas “Trade and Goodwill Missions.” The first was to Japan and China in 1966. In 1972, a similar route but this time to Canton, Shanghai, Nanking and Peking were added. The tour was lead by Senator Cameron. In China our hosts were Vice Chairmen of Tourism and of Foreign Affairs. Caucasian visitors were a curiosity in most places visited as the country had been ‘closed’ since the revolution in 1949.

Top Photo: A scene in Tokyo
Bottom: On the Great Wall, Marg and Rolf on the left, Peoples Liberation Army soldiers, right.