Hougen Group


On The Cover of Trade and Commerce Magazine, 1973.

Trade and Commerce Magazine

“For the first time in our 68-year history, Trade and Commerce magazine features three notable Yukon citizens on our cover. Noting the 75th Anniversary of the Yukon Territory, and the 75th Anniversary of the Yukon Gold Rush, we have symbolized the Yukon today with James Smith, Commissioner of the Yukon Territory (representing government), Rolf Hougen, (left)President of Hougen’s Ltd., Whitehorse Motors Ltd., and WHTV (representing Commerce) and Al Kapty (centre) president of T.N.T.A. Ltd., Total North Communications Ltd., and current president of the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce (representing industry). In the foreground is one of T.N.T.A.’s seven Jet Ranger Helicopters, and in the background is the modern City of Whitehorse, situated alongside of the mighty Yukon River that swept the stampeders to Dawson City just 75 years ago.”
– Trade and Commerce Magazine


Coming to the Rescue of the Sternwheelers, 1973.

Save the Riverboat Committee

" Cake and Coffee for the Hard Workers: Rolf Hougen, second from right and part of his “save the riverboats committee” were down at the Yukon River this morning to serve cake shaped as a sternwheeler and coffee to the people who are working on face-lifting the sternwheelers Casca and Whitehorse. The work is being done under a FLIP grant which ends at the end of the month, so the workers are tearing in, trying to beat the deadline. The committee, which also includes Laurent Cyr, left, Theresa Smith, Jack Cable, right and others, has applied for an extension of the date. Other committee members are Jim Howatt, Bob Byron, John Scott and Bob Campbell. The Star photographer today said that they have already done a tremendous job on the boats"
– Star photo

In 1970, Rolf Hougen set up a committee to “Save the Riverboats”. By 1973, volunteers and persons employed under the federal government FLIP grants, scraped and painted, restored decks and windows and built high steel fence around the Casca and Whitehorse to protect them.


Mrs. Martha Van Dyke with her Daughter Margaret Hougen, 1973.

Mrs. Martha Van Dyke and Gerard Van Dyke

In 1925, Martha Kieboom arrived in Saskatoon where she joined her fiancée Gerard Van Dyke who had emigrated from Holland to Canada earlier. They married and had four children who grew up in Edmonton. They are the parents of Margaret Hougen.

Christmas in Hawaii, 1973.

The Hougen and Tanner Family in Hawaii

The Hougen and Tanner family holidayed in Hawaii, Honolulu and Kauai, for Christmas and New Year. Christmas without snow and on a beach was a shock.

Hougens in Prince Rupert, 1973.

Hougens in Prince Rupert

A car trip from Skagway by Alaska ferry to Prince Rupert then the B.C. Ferry to Port Hardy, and a drive to Victoria visiting friends on the way was an exciting holiday. Then to Seattle and Portland where Marg and Rolf were joined by Craig and Kelly who drove down the Alaska Highway.

Seen here, in August of 1973 Erik, Maureen, Greta, Karen and Rolf in Prince Rupert. Marg took the photo.