Hougen Group


Anouk & Sophie Blaise on a visit to Whitehorse, 1978.

Living in France

When living in France in 1976-1977, the Hougens made many friends. One family, the Blaises, owned the home they rented while M. Blaise, an atomic energy scientist, lectured in Oxford. The Hougen children returned to France. From time to time and the Blaise children came to the Yukon.

Marg Hougen, Niel Colville & Rolf Hougen, 1978.

Hockey Hall of Fame, Niel Colville

Niel Colville first became known as a national hockey league player who was enrolled in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He was an early investor in Northern Television (WHTV) and later managed it for a few years. He remained a shareholder in the company after majority ownership changed to Rolf Hougen.