Hougen Group


Left to Right: Past Presidents attending the banquet: Art Pearson, Gary Bauer, Bill Dunbar, Rolf Hougen, Con Lattin, Brian Morris, Jack Hogan, Flo Whyard, 1988.

Whitehorse Board of Trade

The Whitehorse Board of Trade celebrated it's 40th anniversary. The board was founded in 1947 with a presentation of a gavel by the Vancouver Board of Trade. Among the founding members were Rolf Hougen, Jim Smith, Ed Jacobs, George Ryder, Bill MacBride , Jack Elliott, John Phelps, Ernie Lortie, John McIsaac, Horace Moore, Stu McPherson, Gorden Lee, Gorden Armstrong, Bill Drury Sr., Aubrey Simmons, T.C. Richards, Kippy Boerner.

The great Burgundy wine area, 1988.

Erik and Kim Hougen Travel to France

Erik and Kim went to France for 6 months in order to learn more French and travel areas that were known to Erik from the time the family spent a year in Grenoble. Marg and Rolf went to Paris to visit them, took a side trip to Bordeaux wine country, and the seaside port of La Rochelle. Later they joined Erik and Kim for a tour of Burgundy visiting old friends in the wine industry, finally ending the trip in Grenoble. On return attended an Asia Pacific Foundation board meeting on June 16; Alberta Power, Edmonton, June 17; Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Victoria, June 18; Canadian Chamber Board, Calgary, June 19; and hosted the president of the Canadian Chamber on a drive to Skagway and a White Pass train ride.

With the ski jump in the background, Marg and Bob and Joyce Choate leave the hill, 1988.

Winter Olympics in Calgary

The winter Olympics in Calgary of February 13 for five days was an outstanding event sponsored in part by Atco, owner of Yukon Electrical Co. Ltd. Marg and Rolf Hougen's favourite event was the ski jumping and, of course the opening and closing ceremonies.

One of a series of meetings in Edmonton and Vancouver, 1988.


In 1988 Canadian National Telecommunications (CNT) announced that NorthwesTel serving Northern B.C., the Yukon and western NWT was for sale. Rolf resigned from the NorthwesTel board and put together a group to buy the company. This included BCTel, Alberta Government Telephone, an Inuit group from Inuvik & private investors. Subsequently Bell Canada was the purchaser and Rolf was invited to again join the board.

Whales in pursuit of a female caused our boat to "get out of here" quickly, 1988.

Hougen Family Travels in Mauii Hawaii

The family joined Marg and Rolf Hougen in Mauii Hawaii from Jan 9-19th in celebration of Rolf's appointment as an officer in the Order of Canada. The Old Lahaina shores was headquarters with the family at the Kahana Sunset. Scuba, snorkelling, sailing, eating was the usual activities.