Hougen Group


Roy Minter, C.M. with his life long companion Nora Agibob, Marg Hougen, Pat Callison, 1991.

Hotel Vancouver

A large group of Yukoners attended a reception as guests as Marg and Rolf Hougen in the Hotel Vancouver to celebrate Roy Minters award of the Order of Canada. Roy was a champion of the Yukon, first when he came to the Yukon as a captain in the army, then as Vice-President of the White Pass Corp and then as a private consultant.

Sybil Collins, June '91.

Fred H.Collins

Fred H. Collins served as Commissioner of the Yukon from 1955 to 1962.  Retired army colonel Collins was the last Ottawa appointed civil servant to fill the post.  He was succeeded by Gordon Cameron , former Mayor of Whitehorse.  Fred Collins with his wife Sybil retired to St. Catherines, Ontario.  In 1991 Rolf and Marg visited Sybil, she had lost Fred a few years before, in a retirement home.  Her walls were lined with Yukon memorabilia.  As she said about their Yukon stay “the best period of our lives.”

Dinner at the Commissioners.

Order of Canada

In January of 1991 Commissioner Ken McKinnon and Judy invited the recipients of the Order of Canada to a dinner party at their official residence in Riverdale.  Among those attending were Charlie Taylor & Betty, Ione Christensen & Art, Ted Harrison & Nicky, James Smith & Dorothy, Rolf Hougen & Margaret, G.I. Cameron

Yukon Foundation Photo.

Yukon Foundation

Happy Handshake… Yukon Foundation chairman Jim Smith accepts a $10,000 cheque to establish the new Hougen Family Fund, presented by Marg and Rolf Hougen.  Foundation director Gudrun Sparling and one of the founding members, Roy Minter, look on.  The proceeds from the fund will be used for “the scholarly study, preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural activities related to the life and progress in the Yukon.”  (Flo Whyard photo)