Hougen Group



Commissioner Ken McKinnon presenting the Commissioners Award to Rolf Hougen.

Commissioners Award


Photo1: L to R: Rolf Hougen, Norm Keevil, Chairman Cominco, Canadian Ambassador Marc Lortie.

Arctic Red River

In August Marg and Rolf flew with Rick Nielsen to Kelly and Heather Hougen’s base outfitting camp on the Arctic Red River in the NWT.  On return, extreme forest fire smoke conditions required flying at 14, 400 foot level.   A week later they were in Chile to participate in the opening of a Cominco Copper Mine near Iquiqui in Northern Chile.  They were bussed to the mines to the 14, 400 foot level with oxygen on board.  Later we flew out to Antofagasta and on to Santiago.   Later a group flew to Buenos Aires for a 5 day visit – including Iguazu Falls bordered by Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina and some whitewater rafting.


Photo2: At a Gaucho Ranch out of Buenos Aires. Rolf riding a pony.

Gaucho Ranch of Buenos Aires

They were hosted at a gaucho (cowboy) ranch out of Buenos Aires - Argentine Steak you cooked yourself over a pit and lots of good Argentine wine.

Photo3: Joan Wright and Marg Hougen at the falls.

Travels in Brazil

Iguaza falls national park in northern Argentina and the southwestern area of the state of Parana, Brazil. Its 275 waterfalls makes this a top tourist attraction in South America. They white water rafted under the falls and down river for several miles.