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BC Business, 1979.

BC Business Magazine

BC Business Comments:

"Yukoner with faith - and a big stake - in the future of Canada's next province."

Whitehorse businessman, Rolf Hougen, is one of those men who has his fingers in so many pies he's almost running out of fingers. At last count, Hougen is involved in nine Yukon businesses and he's continually branching out into other, newer, fields that not only add to his growing dynasty but which make him a fair amount of money to boot. He's also a director of Alberta power as well as holding a number of other Yukon and national titles. For example, he has held executive positions with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; served 10 years on the executive of the national Progressive Conservative Party; been a founder and director of Heritage Yukon, an affiliate of Heritage Canada; and is one of the leading promoters of the proposed University of Canada North.