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View of the Red Dog mine site - located north of Kotzebue, Alaska, 50 miles inland from the Chukchi Sea north of the Bering Straights, 1989.

Red Dog Mine

The Red Dog Mine stands out as a model for the responsible development of mineral resources through the consensus, cooperation and mutual respect between a mining company and indigenous people. A business agreement and relationship was formed which has benefited both organizations and their members. The NANA saying, "I walk in two worlds with one spirit" can be said of Red Dog. The Inupiat employees are getting the best skills and training, along with economic benefits, while at the same time, maintaining their traditional subsistence lifestyle. Through committees and mechanisms set up in the agreement, the environmental effects of mining have been minimized. Cominco is fulfilling its objective to produce and market concentrate from the Red Dog deposit. It brings considerable experience, technical skills and financial resources, with a commitment to develop in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Mining and aboriginal people are working together for the benefit of all.