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The Weekly Star Reports in 1915

February 19, 1915
 → March 5, 1915
Both parties - Conservatives and Liberals nominate their candidates for the Yukon Council. The Conservatives nominate Dr. J.O. Lachappelle and Howard Pearse (North Dawson), W.G. Radford and Dr. A.J. Gillis (South Dawson), G.N. Williams and J. Turner (Bonanza), Archie Martin and John F. McCrimmon (Klondike). The Liberals nominate Paul Guite and W.J. O'Brien (North Dawson), Captain L.G. Bennett and N. Watt (South Dawson), F. Hales and D. Robertson (Bonanza), R.W. Fraser and M. Landreville (Klondike).On March 4, 1915, Edward A. Dixon (Conservative) and Willard L. Phelps (Liberal) are elected as Southern Yukon representatives for the Yukon Council. They defeat Patrick Martin. O'Brien and Guite win in North Dawson. South Dawson is won by Radford and Watt. Fraser and McCrimmon win the Klondike riding, Robinson and Williams the Bonanza riding.
March 12, 1915 The Southern Yukon Mining and Industrial Association is formed March 5, 1915.
March 12, 1915 Edward A. Dixon is elected Pioneer resident of the Yukon.
April 9, 1915 The Yukon sees the earliest breaking up of the ice on the Yukon on March 6, 1915.
April 16, 1915 Whitehorse gets an additional grant of $18,000 for the new hospital.
April 16, 1915 Whitehorse man J.H. Sherman completes his invention of a new block system for railroads.The present system of "blocking" trains has one small light to signal danger ahead. By the Sherman invention from three to six distinct electric bell signals, in addition to the light, are given.
June 11, 1915 A.E. Acland, inspector of the R. N.W.M.P., is transferred to Winnipeg.
September 17, 1915 Byron N. White, owner of several copper properties in the Whitehorse area, passes away September 12, 1915.
October 1, 1915
 → October 22, 1915
Alex Gagoff runs amok September 30, 1915. He shoots 4 railroad crew members. The news of the tragedy is brought to Whitehorse by Gagoff himself. Alex Gagoff is sentenced to death through hanging. The date of his execution is set for March 10, 1916.
October 22, 1915 Judge G.L. Taylor passes away October 21, 1915.
November 12, 1915 Governor George Black considers going to the front.
December 10, 1915 The new General Hospital in Whitehorse is completed.