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The Weekly Star Reports in 1919

January 24, 1919 The Yukon Development League is organized in Dawson on January 21, 1919. The object of the organization is to secure development in the Yukon.
February 14, 1919 Venus Mine which was closed in 1918, is leased to Montana parties and resumes work June 1, 1919.
March 21, 1919 Billy Taylor, former superintendent of the river division of the White Pass & Yukon Route Company, passes away March 15, 1919 in Seattle.
April 18, 1919 A strike of rich ore is made ath the Copper King mine.
April 18, 1919 Between 200 and 250 Inuit children are left orphanes by an influenza epidemic.
April 25, 1919 The Yukon Chapter of the I.O.D.E. gives a reception and dance at the N.S.A.A. hall April 24, 1919 in honor of Canadian and American returned soldiers.
June 27, 1919 With over 200 visitors the "Festival of Midnight Sun" is a great success.
July 18, 1919 The White Pass Hotel changes hand and is now under the management of Mrs. Viaux.
August 1, 1919 The Yukon Territory, during the war, contributed more money per capita to the various relief funds than any other province in Canada.
September 5, 1919 September 2, 1919 all bars are closed in Dawson. The Weekly Star writes: The "closing of [the] bars [is] marked by freedom from dunkeness".
September 12, 1919 Telephones are installed along the telegraph lines: Carmacks, Yukon Crossing, Selkirk, Beaton's Wood Camp, Coffee Creek and Stewart City have now phones.
October 10, 1919 The last steamer of the season is the Nasutlin, leaving Dawson for Mayo on September 30, 1919.
October 10, 1919 The Royal Alexandra hotel in Dawson is re-opened.
October 17, 1919 James P. Rogers, superintendent at White Pass & Yukon Route for seven years, passes away October 8, 1919 in Spokane, Wash.
December 12, 1919 "Buzzsaw" Jimmy Richards severely injures his leg with a revolving saw while investiging the machinery without shutting the power off.
December 19, 1919 The Prince of Wales honour flag, awarded to Whitehorse for generous contribution to the 1919 Victory Loan, is flying December 15, 1919 at the top of the Canadian Bank of Commerce flag pole.