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The Weekly Star Reports in 1924

March 21, 1924 The Star resumes publication after a suspension of several months. Reason for the suspension were financial issues.
April 11, 1924 The Yukon Liberals elect their officiers for the ensuing year. W.L. Mackenzie King and F.T. Congdon are elected president with W.E. Thompson as vice-president.
May 2, 1924
 → June 6, 1924
The navigation season opens. The steamer Casca, with the barge A.B. Shay in tow, is the first boat to leave Whitehorse for Dawson on June 2, 1924.
June 6, 1924 The last section of the dam is opened May 31, 1924. The dam was designed to store water in Marsh Lake, Lake Tagish, and all its branches, and Lake Bennett. By releasing the water early in May is is expected that Lake LeBarge is open earlier permitting steamers to navigate earlier.
August 8, 1924 The building and grounds at Whitehorse Rapids are named after Robert Service.
September 12, 1924 Through the persistent efforts of Robert Lowe, the Dominion Government arranges to transfer a number of buffalo from the park at Wainwright, Alberta to the Yukon.
October 3, 1924 The liquor store re-opens after being closed for a few months due to a lack of supply.